22nd February 2019
Edition 7
Hallmark Cards
Uplift Handling Charges are unfair, discriminatory, disproportionate and a tax on small retailers
Carriage Charges
The latest round of increases in carriage charges from EM News should provide food for thought on the fairness and sustainability of the delivery charge system as applied by both EM News and Newspread
JTI Price Increases
Just a reminder that JTI are increasing the wholesale and retail prices of many of their products on 4th March
Alliance For Insurance Reform/CSNA
We have been making strong progress on our Key Asks in recent weeks
Deposit Return Scheme (DRS)
Members will be aware that the Association has been monitoring the possibility of the Government introducing a DRS as part of a climate action initiative
National Lottery - All Cash Uplift
The Association has requested from PLI details regarding the collection and return for credit the range of All Cash that were removed from the ticket displays following the launch of the new All Cash range
CSNA/ISME Insurance Survey
CSNA in collaboration with ISME have together agreed to ask of their members a number of questions, please complete the one-minute survey
Covert Monitoring Of Employees And The Right To Privacy Under Article 8 ECHR: Can These Two Be Reconciled?
While there has been much said about the data privacy protections in the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), employees' privacy has long had protection in the Irish Constitution and the European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR)
Jumping On The Bandwagon: New Law On Working Hours For Employees On Insecure Contracts And Those Working Variable Hours
In March 2019, new legislation providing greater security and predictability for workers on insecure contracts and with variable working hours will come into force
Inclusion Of Vaping On Quit.Ie A Welcome Step Forward - But More Work To Be Done
Vape Business Ireland (VBI) is delighted that the HSE’s Quit.ie website now includes a section on vaping
Mandate Expects Up To €70k 'Winnings' From Paddy Power In Denial Of Rest Break Cases
The union has lodged 78 seperate cases against the betting company
Save The Date
National Conference
If you have a news story you believe would be of interest to our fellow retailers and you would like us to publish, please contact us by email on info@csna.ie or by calling 045 535050